Xenon Turbo

Get the most from your backups

How to get Turbo

You can buy Xenon Turbo here. It's a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any point. The price might change in the future.

More chatlog

Xenon Turbo can save and load up to 250 messages per channel. Just the x:backup create 250 to take advantage of it.

If you want to copy even more messages, you can use the x:copy messages command. It can copy up to 1000 messages from one channel to another.


Xenon Turbo is able to save and load emojis. Just add the emojis option to the options parameter of the load command. Keep in mind that it can take multiple hours to load all emojis, due to discord rate limits.

You can also use the x:copy emojis command to directly copy all emojis from one server to another.

Export Backups

With Xenon Turbo you are able to export your backups as a human readable JSON document. Just run the command x:backup export <backup-id> in direct messages to export a backup. You can't import previously exported backups, they are just there to view the contents of a backup in detail. And for Nerds

Encrypt Backups

Use x:backup encryption on to turn on the encryption of your backups. This will generate unique secret key and encrypt all your existing backups with it. We don't save this key anywhere, so it's your responsibility to keep it somewhere. When encryption is turned on your need to provide this key on every action with your backups (creating, loading, info ...). You can turn the encryption off with x:backup encryption off <key>.

If you lose your secret key, the only way to turn the encryption off is to delete all backups with x:backup purge and then run x:backup encryption off to turn it off.